Donate shares and securities

If you have received windfall shares which you would like to donate - or are simply looking for a tax-efficient way of giving to charity, making a charitable gift of shares can be a highly tax effective way of supporting CVQO’s work.

The tax benefits of donating shares to CVQO

In addition to the benefit to the charity, you - the donor - benefit from tax relief in two ways:
Income Tax relief on the value of the shares
Exemption from Capital Gains Tax.

By donating shares to charity there is no gain or loss for Capital Gains Tax purposes: ie if the shares have made a gain, the donor will not be taxed on it if they donate shares.

You can get more information by visiting HM Revenue and Customs.

How to donate your shares

If you would like to donate some shares to CVQO follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain a stock transfer form from the registrar who acts for the company in which you have shares. The name of the registrar will usually be shown at the bottom of your share certificate.
  2. On the stock transfer form, in the box entitled 'Full name and postal address of the person to whom the security is transferred', please write CVQO, 3 Archipelago, Lyon Way, Frimley, Surrey GU16 7ER.
  3. Complete, sign and date the form as appropriate.

Send to:
3 Archipelago
Lyon Way
Surrey GU16 7ER

It is important that you keep copies of transfer forms for your records and when you do your tax returns. We advise that you talk to a financial adviser before making any decisions.


Even if you only have a small amount of shares, these too could be of benefit to us if you donate through ShareGift, an independent registered charity (charity no 1052686) set up to collect donations of unwanted shares and use the proceeds to make donations to UK charities.

ShareGift specialises in accepting small holdings of shares whose low value means that they are not worth selling. The charity collects these shares until they have enough to sell and then makes charitable donations from the funds created. Visit Sharegift for more information and download a ShareGift coupon to donate your shares