Jubilee Sailing Trust cadets and veterans depart for round UK voyage

Simon Reeves - 27 July 2018

Yesterday the crew of the STS Lord Nelson set sail for the first leg of the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Lord Dannatt Round Britain Challenge.

Comprising Army Cadets and military veterans, four separate crews, one for each leg of the voyage, will guide the ship anti clockwise around the British Isles, stopping at each capital city along the way.

The voyage marks 100 years since the end of WW1 and is the UK’s largest centenary memorial activity.

We caught up with Lord Dannatt himself and a couple of the cadets ahead of the official launch from HMS President in London.

Lord Dannatt said: “All those taking part in the trip will have an amazing experience, doing things they never thought they could do.

They will undoubtedly have an incredible adventure and memories to cherish forever, but I think what’s really great is that they have the opportunity to gain a qualification; they will always remember what a fantastic time they had but having a BTEC Level 2 to prove that is equally important.

“It’s extraordinary when you take people out of their comfort zone, away from the surroundings that they’re used to, and put them into something completely different.

"All the different experiences that these young people have will be really character forming and it will be a real step forward in life for them, which will be tremendous on their personal development journey.

“For the veterans, in particular those who are injured and recovering, their previously plotted career paths have changed, which is something they never expected.

"However, as with the cadets, they too will be out of their comfort zone but they will quickly learn not about what they can’t do but what they can do.”

Lucy Phillips, from Waltham Abbey Detachment ACF, said “The CVQO-led BTEC Level 2 qualification I’ll gain while on the Lord Dannatt Round Britain Challenge will make me different and help me stand out to everyone else.

"It will show that I can lead a group of people and work well within a team.

“Life isn’t always about academic skills, how you can write and how you can analyse a poem, for example; you need to have the practical side too, and the life skills, to be able to do well.”

For more info on the Lord Dannatt Round Britain Challenge, visit: www.ldrbc.co.uk