With a little extra work on top of your usual activities, the CVQO-led programmes validate your volunteering and community commitment and provide you with a valuable qualification widely recognised by schools, colleges and employers. CVQO-led qualifications are carefully mapped to the training programmes of youth organisations making us the perfect partner for educational development.

Build on your skills

CVQO gives you the chance to study for a vocational qualification - in many cases at no cost Learners aged 16-18 in the cadet forces in England can register for the BTEC Level 2 qualification for free. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, grants and subsidies may be available.

Because it can massively increase your chances of getting a good job (and earning more money) or entering further education.

It could really change your life.

It’s already happened for thousands of people like you – building on the skills you’ve already gained as a member of a youth organisation or in your work.

How do I apply?

If you’re over 16 and in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Sea Cadet Corps (SCC), Army Cadet Force (ACF) or the Air Training Corps (ATC),  and you live in England, CVQO is able fund your study on any of the selected vocational qualifications.  Contact your local VQ Officer or call CVQO on 01276 601701 for more information about registering

If you’re a firefighter, or you work or volunteer for a public services organisation like The Prince's Trust, you can also get funding.

What are the courses and qualifications?

You can choose from BTEC Level 2 courses in Teamwork and Personal Development, Music and Engineering. 

We’ve chosen the courses so you’ll already have a head start with what you’ve learned as a member of your youth organisation or in your work.

Where do I go next?

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