Qualifications for adults

Being a great youth leader is important. It’s vital to the high quality training and leadership every young person receives.

Volunteers come from all walks of life. Some are already highly qualified, others have no formal qualifications. What is certain for all, is that they devote large parts of their lives to making a difference to the lives of others and each individual grows in experience and knowledge as they progress.

Through CVQO, that volunteering experience can be formalised with an internationally recognised qualification through City & Guilds or the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM). The CVQO-led programmes range from Level 2 through to Level 7, comparable to a Master’s Degree, all at a fraction of the cost of commercially available courses.

And it’s all very achievable. Up to 70% of current volunteering activity within cadet services, for example, can count towards a qualification in leadership and management.

The CVQO Adult Volunteer Development Programme is mapped exactly to cadet volunteering activities and each qualification is recognised by employers.

That’s why we believe that a CVQO-led qualification can help make you a better youth leader and a more valuable employee.

CVQO works in partnership with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), City and Guilds and Pearson to offer vocationally-related qualifications in Leadership & Management and Education & Training.

Whether you want to be a more effective youth leader or demonstrate your capability to potential employers, CVQO offers qualifications to suit the needs of all learners.