C&G Level 5 Affiliateship in Leadership and Management


This RQF Level 5 Affiliateship award is run in conjunction with City & Guilds and is part of their Professional Recognition Awards suite. The Affiliateship is comparable to a Foundation Degree or HND.

  • Middle management responsibilities
  • Anticipate, plan and lead change
  • Manage resources
  • Constructively work with others to develop and maintain good working relationships
  • Set direction and inspire others to work together to achieve challenging outcomes
  • Generate creative ideas to inform best practice and continual improvement
  • Monitor compliance with professional standards
  • Implement an effective communication strategy
  • Develop and maintain good customer relationships to support the customer focussed culture of the organisation
  • Analyse, identify and access professional development
  • Address problems that are well-defined but complex and non-routine
  • Exercising autonomy and judgement in decision making which takes into account the views and perspectives of others

Award Completion

Completion of the award involves writing a reflective account to explain how you show competency in each of the six main performance criteria. These statements must be linked to specific detail in each of 27 statements within these six main criteria. You will also need to provide a portfolio of evidence to support your reflective account. These items of evidence must be linked with the reflective writing and the criteria.

CVQO will appoint an individual mentor to help you interpret these requirements.

All Adults have one year in which to complete the award.

Performance Criteria

In order to pass the award an Adult must demonstrate competency against the following Performance Criteria:

Standard 1: Commitment to Professional Standards
Standard 2: Communication and Information Management
Standard 3: Leadership
Standard 4: Professional Development
Standard 5: Working with Others
Standard 6: Managing Customer Participation and Expectation


The overall assessment and recommendation for certification will be based on:

  • Range of documented evidence and the supporting Reflective Account
  • Assessor’s Report

Assessment of an Adult’s work will be undertaken by a subject specialist who will take into account:

  • The degree to which the evidence presented demonstrates that the criteria has been met
  • The validity and reliability of the evidence
  • The quality and sufficiency of the evidence

Should an Adult’s work fail to demonstrate the required competencies, the Adult will have the opportunity to resubmit their work at no extra personal cost to them. Procedures for resubmissions are as detailed in the General section of these Guidelines.


The successful holder of the City & Guilds Affiliateship will gain:

  • Level 5 RQF Qualification in Leadership and Management
  • Post nominals of AfCGI (Affiliate City & Guilds Institute)
  • An opportunity to attend CVQO’s Annual Graduation Ceremony
  • Eligibility, depending on prior and current experience, for CVQO Corporate Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). This comes with a personal cost of annual membership fees payable by the Learner.