ILM Overview

Who are ILM?

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) are the largest providers of leadership and management qualifications in Europe. They offer industry-leading vocational qualifications that develop the skills of 93,000 leaders and managers every year. 

All CVQO-led ILM qualifications are included on the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF).  The framework provides a comparison for a wide range of qualifications by giving each one a level and a credit value. 

ILM also offer membership services to more than 25,000 leaders and managers and our ILM learners benefit from free studying membership for 12 months when they register on one of our qualifications.  CVQO are also corporate members of ILM and can extend these privileges to our learners, both past and present.

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Interested in becoming an ILM corporate member through CVQO? Download the factsheet below

Who are our learners?

We work in partnership with voluntary youth organisations, schools and to the commercial sector who deliver our qualifications to students, military cadets, apprentices and the adult staff within these organisations. 

Our learners achieve their ILM qualifications either through various accredited courses offered through their parent organisation or by completing one of CVQO’s ILM Course Packages.

Level 2 qualifications have a minimum learner age of 15 years.

Level 3 qualifications have a minimum learner age of 16 years.

There are no age-related criteria for higher levels.

Studying in Scotland

For those studying in Scotland, our portfolio of ILM qualifications are now included on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).  The framework provides a comparison for a wide range of Scottish qualifications by giving each one a level and a credit value. 

You can find out more about the SCQF by visiting their website at

Some Scottish learners may be eligible for Individual Learning Account (ILA) assistance with funding an ILM qualification.  Applications for ILA can be made through CVQO at the time of registration, although applicants must meet the following criteria:

To find more information on ILA you can visit the Skills Development Scotland website at

ILM Corporate Membership

CVQO are a Corporate Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and offer all the advantages of individual ILM professional membership without paying the joining fee.

ILM professional / corporate membership has been designed to provide ambitious managers with all the support and information they need to improve their leadership development, excel in their role and achieve their full career potential.

Anyone can subscribe to become a member, although CVQO’s Corporate Membership is only available to those applicants who are serving members of the Cadet or Armed Forces or CVQO learners. There is a membership grade to suit everyone whether you are considering becoming a team leader, have completed an ILM qualification or, indeed, are at the peak of your career. You are assessed based on your level of experience and qualifications from any recognised awarding body.

The membership profile is determined by ILM upon receipt of an individual’s application. ILM also assign the membership grades as follows:

  • Affiliate (AInstLM)
  • Associate (AMInstLM)
  • Member (MInstLM)
  • Fellow (FInstLM)

More information about ILM membership and their fees are available on their website at

If you would like to apply for ILM Corporate Membership, call us on 01276 601708 to receive your unique ILM Corporate Membership promotional code.

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