Course Package FAQs

Do I have to start the course at a particular time of year?

No as our Course Package is designed to be flexible and to fit in to your programme.      We, however, expect you to consider the implications of the time of year on your learners and any other pressures they might have.

How many learners do I need?

You can have as many learners as you like, however, you need to consider the logistical implications of the numbers in terms of delivering the practical teamwork or leadership activities as well as the tutorial sessions.  For courses with less than ten learners, there is a charge of £50 for the tutor pack, although this is redeemable off future registrations on courses with ten or more learners.

Do I have to deliver this in a single block of time or can I spread it out?

Courses run in a single block can sometimes be easier to deliver and resource and the learners can be encouraged to complete their work before the end. For logistical reasons this may not be possible in some organisations, however, spreading course content over an extended period of time may affect a learner’s chances of success.

How many staff do I need to deliver the lessons/tutorials?

Lessons can have a low teacher to learner ratio as the delivery is more didactic, however, tutorials should have a higher ratio (approx. 1:8) as the tutor is required to gain feedback from every learner and ensure they are drawing sufficiently on suitable examples.

How many staff deliver the practical leadership experience?

Groups should be small enough to provide every learner with the opportunity to gain sufficient leadership/teamwork experience. They should have at least one significant activity to lead and a range of other experiences they can draw from.

Do my learners have to be highly academic?

A learner does not need to be highly academic to complete our qualifications, although there is an expectation that they will need to be able to write reflectively about their experience in line with ideas, theories and models covered in the Learner Resource Book. The suitability of all learners should be evaluated before registering them for the qualification.