Lt Cdr (SCC) MCGI RNR Michelle Welsh - City & Guilds MCGI

The CVQO-led City & Guilds MCGI (Membership) gave me a massive opportunity to see a "gap" in the Sea Cadets organisation to develop & produce an Escort Officers Guide for helping our adult volunteers take cadets on the Overseas Exchanges. Not only is the guide used in the UK but also in all the other counties involved in the International Sea Cadet Association (22 countries).

If there was an opportunity to do a higher level than MCGI (Level 7) then I would definitely be interested. I have been doing the Area Staff Officer BTEC role for 10 years now and been given another 5 year extension to help the next generation go through their CVQO qualifications.

Thanks to the CVQO-led City & Guilds MCGI, I am currently looking at new opportunities within the Sea Cadet organisation to move up to the next level / and or get involved in more of the decision making at a national level.

I would like to say a massive thank you for the support that CVQO gives to the cadet organisations and the help & support I received from its regional managers. The enthusiasm and commitment they have for their roles is amazing.