Major/Contingent Commander Christopher Rondel - City & Guilds PRA Level 7 (Membership)

Major Christopher Rondel of Wells Cathedral School CCF reflects on his CVQO-led City & Guilds PRA Level 7 (Membership):

“In the teaching profession my MCGI in Leadership and Management has helped me to stand out from the crowd particularly when applying for more senior leadership roles.

“My experience gained as a Contingent Commander in the CCF will not always be understood by a potential employer but a Level 7 qualification from City & Guilds via CVQO will be universally understood and valued.

“If asked by a line manager to reflect on what went well and went wrong with an event I tend to focus more on the negative. Writing the reflective account opened my eyes to the many projects that have gone well in my time at Wells and I have vowed going forward to focus more on the positives.

My passion is outdoor learning or “AT” and I plan to gain further qualifications to deliver this type of training that I believe can develop excellent leadership skills in young people. “Looking towards the future, I am aiming for a senior leadership position within teaching or outdoor learning.

“I firmly believe the qualifications offered by CVQO are the most valuable opportunities the cadet organisation provide to its adult volunteers.”