CVQO Westminster Award 2019 - frequently asked questions

What is it?

  • The CVQO Westminster Award is our annual search for the pick of our CVQO learners from across the UK.  If you're either registered for, or have completed, a CVQO-led qualification, and you fit the age criteria, congratulations, you're eligible to be nominated!
  • IMPORTANT - we're not after the best of the best of the best; we're looking for selfless, determined individuals who always keep their heads up and remain positive through adversity; those who have overcome a personal challenge or gone the distance to help someone.
  • There can be one nomination per squadron, company, unit, contingent or other CVQO-affiliated youth organisation (e.g. St John Ambulance Cadets, Fire Cadets, Volunteer Police Cadets) - this does mean counties, wings, areas etc. can nominate multiple cadets.

What happens if I get through to Stage 2?

  • In order to differentiate yourself from the other candidates and secure a place at our April selection event in Somerset, you will be asked to complete a small assignment.
  • We’ll set a few questions for you to answer and submit the responses in whichever format you feel works best. 
  • Previous finalists have produced cartoons, videos, sound clips, storyboards and written responses. 
  • As long as you consider each question and provide a clear and appropriate response, the way you present them will be entirely up to you.
  • The 2019 deadline for stage 2 submissions is Wednesday 27 February.

What happens at Selection?

  • The selection event involves a range of physical and mental challenges, including outdoor activities, group tasks, problem solving, an interview and presentation. 
  • It is designed to ensure that there is no bias towards any particular cadet service or any particular skill, so everybody will have a fair chance.
  • You will be accommodated in cabins but will need to provide your own sleeping bag. All meals are provided.
  • In addition, you will undertake the ILM Level 3 qualification in Leadership Management and you may need to spend a short time after the selection event to finish off the qualification. Help will be available. If you’ve already taken this qualification don’t worry as the program is designed to ensure that all candidates are treated and assessed fairly.

And after that?

  • After selection, we’ll make a decision on who has made it to the final.  The finalists and their families will attend the prestigious Awards lunch at the House of Lords in London where the winner will be awarded the CVQO Westminster Award 2019 trophy. 
  • All of the finalists may also have the opportunity to visit either 10 Downing Street or have a tour round the House of Lords.

Are there any costs involved?

  • The only costs you will have to bear will be travel costs to Somerset for Selection and to London for the Awards lunch. 
  • The trip to South Africa will be at no cost to you except for vaccinations, malaria tablets and travel to London.