What are vocational qualifications?

Vocational qualifications are those that develop practical skills and expertise relating to a particular area of employment. Some of the most well-known you will have heard of are BTECs, City & Guilds and Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications.

Vocational study is suitable for anyone. Students typically come from all sorts of backgrounds – some have already been educated to a high academic level, while others may not hold any formal qualifications at all. This is what makes it so accessible.

The unique aspect of the vocational qualifications CVQO offers is that they provide recognition of what young people and their instructors do within youth organisations.

For example, young people learn a huge variety of skills in youth groups (e.g. Cadets, St John Ambulance, Scouts) and they invest much of their free time there, so it’s important to give them something tangible they can take away and use to develop their future with. Likewise, adults can study for degree and Master’s equivalent City & Guilds qualifications that recognise the skills that they use to run and lead youth groups.

Many of our learners have used their vocational qualifications to secure a promotion at work, gain employment or access to higher education. The best part? Our qualifications are available at far more cost effective rates than traditional education providers.